Izac has started talking a lot more after he turned 2 in January. Even though his speech started a few months later than Ivan; kids being kids, once they start, they can’t stop! His speech is getting better daily, and really peppered with lots of Malay. He’s now able to string complete sentences and he WILL NOT stop asking WHY! He’s got more WHYs than Ivan ever did at this age…

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Chopstick Kid

His sentences starts with a why and ends with a why…

Izac: (When I tell him something cannot be eaten) “Why ini cannot eat… why?”
Mommy: “Because it’s dirty already.”
Izac: “Why ini dirty didi (already)… why?”
Mommy: “Because someone dropped it on the floor already.”
Izac: “Why sum…one drop on floor didi (already)… why?”
Mommy: =_=” (Sometimes it’s reeaaally never-ending…)

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Driver Boy

Ivan: (Whining and whining…) “Mummeeee… I’m tired, I want to sleep…”
Mommy: (As usual, stuck in front of my laptop before bedtime) “……”
Ivan: (Still whining, and already got down from the bed and started rolling on the floor) “Mummeee…. I want to sleeeeeep…” (He wants me to lie down next to him)
Mommy: (Still no response) “……”
Izac: (Gets on the bed and pats on the pillow) “Come kor kor, Izac sleep you…”

I guess the little one pity his brother whining and getting no response from mummy, and offered to sleep with him instead…

::::::::::: IZAC SAYS :::::::::::

Biker Boy

Other times, this little boy loves to imitate what Ivan says and does. Izac was talking to me one night, I can’t really recall what he was telling me…

Izac: (Telling mummy something)
Mommy: “……”
Izac: (Started playing his recorded message) “Mami, Izac tok…ing to you, Izac not tok…ing the wall…”
Mommy: “Ooo, sorry darling, yeah you’re not talking to the wall…”
Izac: (Continued with this chant even after lights out) “Mami, Izac tok…ing to you, Izac not tok…ing the wall…”
Mommy: (Speechless)

I don’t recall him ever telling me what he told me that night… before the chant started. o.O”