(Backdated post, bowled on 20th July 2008)

Bowling Lane with Sides Up

My 2 boys just love to go rolling bowling (yes, yes, Izac included!). Last last weekend, after having dinner at 1U and with me rushing off to buy some last minute things for baby, SIL#1 decided that we should bring the kids to U-Bowl. Upon hearing SIL#1’s suggestion, of course there was no escape as the kids kept reminding us of it. I think including this session, they have bowled a total of 3 or 4 times already.

Ivan the Strong!

After bowling a few times before, Ivan “the strong” has had all the experience he need and is able to help himself to a ball at the conveyor, carry it and roll it all by himself (by the way, we had the sides raised so there’s no way their bowling balls could go in the drain and the lightest 6-pound ball can be requested from the counter). He refused to quit at 1 game, so the kids had 2 games.

Ivan the Roller!

Izac also had fun rolling the ball, with help from SIL#1 and also Uncle Kenny. However, it took forever for the ball to reach the end of the line *LOL*. Being a pregnant mum, what can I do but sit at the sidelines with fear, watching the kids prance around the slippery wooden floor with their socks (non-slip for Izac). Ivan was like a little monkey doing a breakdance kind of move there *sweats*.

Izac With Help from Kenny

By the time we reached home, it was already around 11-ish pm. During bedtime, Ivan told me his muscle hurts so I had to massage the little king’s right leg. What a day!