Little Foot

You guys must be wondering how come it took me so long to come up with a next post. I think the main reason for the delay in posting is due to baby not having a name yet! I wonder why it’s so hard to decide on a name this time around. The last two times, naming our sons was easy. Hubs went to Loh Kam Put in Petaling Street to get names (he gave a selection of 3 Chinese names which were quite good, so we had no trouble choosing from those 3 he gave) for both boys after they were born.

This time around, Loh Kam Put seem to have either disappeared or retired, as hubs said he is already quite old *sigh*. So this time around he went to Loh Tat Pit (also in Petaling Street), who gave quite a few selection, but all doesn’t sound right for me *double sigh*. So, yeah, we’re still in the midst of deciding on her name… the English name will follow after getting her Chinese name; but like her brothers, the English one will not be in the birth certificate.

Baby Day 11

p/s: I have come to the conclusion that my girl’s got a boy look (I couldn’t decide when I first saw her) and the Chan family nose… aikssss!!

p/p/s: Both photos courtesy of Jazzmint :D