Wednesday, 30th July 2008
Around 4:00am

I woke up feeling some abdominal pain and wondered if it’s contractions. Since the pain was bearable and I can’t seem to go back to sleep, I went blog hopping. After putting up this post, I went downstairs and walked around, contemplating if I should hop in and get a shower if it’s really time.

Around 6:00am
Finally, I decided to take a shower as the contractions are about 5 - 7 minutes apart, although not very strong. At around 6:30am, I woke SIL#1 up (she stayed over coincidentally) and asked her to bring me to the hospital (hubs was at work). She said better to ask her brother to come home since he’s already prepared to bring me himself. Hubs reached home at 7.00am and took a shower (must la, pork all over him mah). We finally left the house around 7.30am, I was damn scared there would be a jam (I was expecting this birth to be almost the same as Izac’s, if not easier).

Around 8:00am
We reached Gleneagles, but there were quite a few people already at admissions, and their service was so slow this time, we waited close to 20 minutes before someone served us. By the time I went up and was allocated a labour room, it was already 8:30am. I got tied up to the CTG to see if there were REALLY contractions. After half an hour, the nurse came in and said, “OK, there are contractions and the Dr will be in shortly to check.”

Around 9:15am
Dr Tan came and checked the graph. He told me I have 2 choices, to wait or to induce. The graph showed contractions but they were very mild. If I wait, it could mean baby appearing only late today or even tomorrow , if I induce baby will probably be out by lunch. I told him I’ll wait for a while and see how it goes (still hoping for some action soon). He left after that, promising to come in again around lunch time. After that, the nurse came in and put an IV for me to administer the antibiotics (for GBS), I told her that I have a StemLife pack in my bag (scared I will forget again like the last time). Later still, nurse came and asked if I needed an enema, which I rejected as I have been going to the toilet on and off since this morning.

Around 12:30pm
The contractions still weren’t going anywhere, still very bearable and still about 5 - 7 minutes apart. I walked around for a bit and the contractions seem to come harder, but when strapped in the bed the tend to be lighter. Finally when the nurse asked again if I want to induce, I told them yes *sigh*. So the drip was administered and pain slowly got more teruk.

Around 1:30pm
Dr Tan came again and said it’s time to make it more painful. He look at my stricken face and said, “No big pain, no baby wor…” So he broke the water bag and I asked him how long more. He predicts that baby would come around 3.30pm or so. Pening lor, still another 2 hours!!

Around 2:15pm
The pain was unbearable, I took the gas whenever the pain peaked. I kept asking the nurse if I have dilated enough yet (as you can probably guess, I just can’t wait to have her outta me *LOL*). The contractions were happening really fast after Dr broke the water bag… right after the nurse checked and told me I’m at 7 or 8 cm, I just felt like I needed to push, so she had to quickly call the Dr.

Around 2:30pm
Dr came and said, “Aiyaa… told you 3.30, how come so fast wan *LOL*” By the time he finished scrubbing his hands and putting on whatever a Dr needs at times like these, I was standing by for the word “GO” already *hahaha*…

At 2:50pm
As soon as I heard him say that I could push anytime I have a contraction, I just push lah! One push and she’s out, weighing at 2.77kgs… and I was just so relieved!! Dr didn’t do any episiotomy this time (could it be because she came out so fast?), I had a tear and had to be sewn up (I could feel every stitch that Dr did this time… geli!). Baby had her umbilical cord tied loosely around her neck, just like her 2 brothers. Hubs was there for the opening ceremony (ie. cutting of the umbilical cord)… I think that was the only time he was awake, from 8.30am until 2.30pm, he was nicely asleep on the couch *slaps forehead*.