Sleeping Babe

Jazzmint came over to my place on the 9th of August to shoot pictures of my little girl. I didn’t take any pictures of my one, only excuse I have is that I’m a lazy bum *haha*. Jolie’s skin has started peeling already but luckily we were still able to hide those spots with some props. Also, I was glad that she slept well for the photoshoot, so Jazz was able to get quite a few photos of her.

Jolie's Peeling Hand

Little Foot

As always, I love those hands and feet shots… There were many nice shots which I like. I just can’t get enough of these photoshoot pictures, they tend to be more detailed than our everyday pictures, which are taken with the kids trying to escape from the camera. Thanks, Jazz, for coming over!

For more pictures, please go >>here<<.