Izac & Jolie

Izac has been promoted to Kor Kor status on the 30th of July *hehe*. Both boys were thrilled to see Jolie back from the hospital on the 1st of August, moreso Izac because that was the first time he saw her. Ivan has been going to the hospital after school the two days I was there, so he has already seen and carried her before.

3 Kiddos

Both of them accepted Jolie well, and they want to kiss her so often. Ivan is more gentle, but Izac is a little rough. I doubt both of them know how fragile a newborn is *hehe*. Izac just love to kiss Jolie (on the lips, mind you!) and sometimes when she’s in an awkward position, he will try to twist her head so that he can get her lips. That’s why we never ever leave the boys alone with Jolie.

You know what? I just can’t wait for Jolie to grow bigger so all three of them can play together. Only thing is, I hope the Kor Kors won’t make a tomboy out of their little sister! :D

p/s: Both boys decided that Jolie is a nice name, so I guess they made the final decision for baby’s name!