Ugh… another wayyy backdated post on Jolie’s progress. I actually took her for her jab on the 14th of this month. Now looking back at her immunization card, I’m actually quite confused as per what jab she just took (see how blur I am!). Aigh… I guess as long as the Dr knows *keke*. I think I seriously need to ask the Dr in more detail next time I visit her.

Jolie @ 2 1/2 Months

Oh, and just for the record, I will not be bringing her back to Dr Lim’s clinic for jabs (I took both boys back to Gleneagles for all their jabs at Dr Iean’s), it’s just too far and time consuming since office hours have been extended and I am now a mother to 3 (hello?!?! I need to save up my leaves OK!). So I guess the next time we see Dr Lim will be at 6 months old, to do a review on her heart thingy.

Vital Stats:
♥ Weight: 5.1kgs
♥ Height: 58 cms
♥ Head: 38.5 cms


♥ Her milk intake has just increased from 3.5 oz every 3 hours to 4 oz. This means mommy’s gotta work harder at pumping coz I am now pumping only just enough for her (lots of work in the office!)

♥ She has discovered her hands and slurps away at the “drumsticks” whenever she wakes up from a nap and no one bothers to carry her.
♥ Her neck has really strengthened a lot. Whenever we hold both her hands she will try to arch forward as if she wants to get up.
♥ She sleep very little during the day now, she has many catnaps but prefers to talk to people (such a little chatterbox!)
♥ She’s starting to be very alert on her surroundings, so when she’s not extremely hungry, she will be playing a fool and not sucking properly.


Mommy Says:
♥ I find that newborns have smelly, sweaty hands as they always clench their little fists. But then, how come I love to smell stinky hands????
♥ I just love hearing her coo and coo and coo, it’s as if she has tonnes to tell, being cooped up in the womb for 9 months!
♥ There are some things I wanna compliment on this little girl but I’m afraid to jinx it *whisper whisper*…
♥ She cries whenever someone raise his/her voice… meaning I can’t scold her brother loudly. Maybe she’s protecting them… hmmmmmmm…