CNY Shopping

staring into space

Yesterday, I was reminded after reading this blog that my boys do not have any new clothes for this Chinese New Year (CNY). If things were left in the hands of hubby, they will not have a single piece of new clothing EVER. So out I went for the first time since Izac popped… convinced my mum to bring me to Jaya Jusco for some CNY shopping. While there, I could not find anything for Ivan as I had planned. I only managed to get him a pair of pajamas to wear on CNY eve. However, I got 2 sets of new clothing for Izac (needless to say, Izac’s new clothes are pajamas only as he will not be going out anyway). So far, Izac only has a few pairs of new clothes since most of the clothes he wears now were used when Ivan was born.

Today, I went off on another shopping spree for Ivan’s clothes as he will be the one who will be going off to pai lin (Cantonese: visit relatives during CNY) as Izac and myself will still be confined at mum’s house. I am so happy that we managed to get 2 sets of new clothes for Ivan as well as 2 new t-shirt.

Ivan’s Horrific Haircut (Not Again!)
After all the shopping and making Ivan happy, naughty mummy had to bring him for his worst nightmare - a haircut! Ivan has always hated haircuts. The only time he did not cry during a haircut was during his first haircut when he reached one month old, he was asleep at that time (duh!). So to make my son leng chai (Cantonese: handsome) I had to bring him for a trim as the weather is just too hot these days and he need to look presentable when he go pai lin.

bad bad bad mummy!

We went to Centrepoint for some express haircut which costs RM12 per haircut. The che-ches (Cantonese: big sisters) there used to work in the Express Cut in 1Utama but have since transferred to Centrepoint since the new wing is complete. Ivan’s previous haircut was also done by her, so I guess she roughly knows what I want and what Ivan hates hehehe. The outcome: simply leng chai but it was not a good experience for Ivan. Sometimes I really wish that we do not have to put him trough such torment and leave his hair long, but I guess his papa will have something to say about THAT!

SIL#1’s Birthday

do i get to blow the candles?

After all the crying and trying to hold down a strong toddler, we went home. As today is also SIL#1’s birthday, we (mum and myself) managed to stay for her cake cutting. It was a simple celebration, as I had to rush home to feed my dear newborn Izac.