Last Friday, we packed up for our fortnightly stay over at my mum’s. As usual, with me reaching home from work, packing last minute things and getting the kids ready to go, I reached mum’s place quite late… I think it was around 9pm. After having dinner, the kids proceeded to play in the room while the lazy adults lie on the bed and watch TV.

Sometimes, kids being kids, they like to play rough and from my lying position, I shout my orders at them *LOL*. Only God knows what happened (coz the kids ain’t telling) in that split second moment when we heard a bump against the bed’s headboard and then whining from the clumsiest one of all, Izac.

One Tooth Less

I thought it was something mild (mind you, he didn’t cry) and asked him to come over so that I could inspect his lips and gums. When I pulled up his lips, I was horrified to find a tooth missing! Instantly I felt heartache, and then anger at Haslina for her rough play (although to this day I don’t know the full story, and Izac can’t be spinning the chair so hard by himself!). In the spot where his tooth used to be, there was bleeding and his gums were blue and black. I used to lampin for him to bite on to stop the bleeding and asked him if it was pain. Surprisingly, he said it hurt just a little.

The bleeding stopped quickly and the hole was quickly covered up by dark gel like substance… probably nature’s form of a cork for incidences like this. When Ivan came over and kepoh-ed (he was playing computer), I told him to go over to that spot and look for Izac’s tooth (Izac told me he swallowed it, but I decided to try looking anyway). Ivan brought back that tooth and I was shocked that a healthy tooth like that can so easily be knocked out whole (root and all) and the child felt little or no pain.

Hole in His Smile

Even now after 4 days, everytime I think of that tooth (which I now keep in my drawer), I feel heartache. Heartache that the poor boy have to go with a gap in his smile for another 3 - 4 years. I am also worried that the impact will cause his future adult tooth to come out crooked, if at all. SIL#1 tried to scare me saying that since the whole root is out, he might not even have an adult tooth (milk teeth which comes off at the right time are usually without root). But thanks to Google, I found this:

Q : Does a first set of baby teeth molars have roots?

A : Yes, all teeth have roots. But when they fall out naturally they don’t have them anymore. The “big” teeth below “disolve” the roots by pushing the baby teeth out.

I guess now I’ll just have to wait and see when his adult teeth comes, and hope that more of his teeth won’t get extracted before their time. :(