Monday, 9th January 2006
Around 4:00am
After seeing the bloody show (again, let me remind you that I am not swearing here if you have not read Zara’s mama’s post) and feeling pressure on my pelvic bone for hours, I checked most of the blogs I have pending on my list and went to bed.

Around 6:30am
I woke up feeling some pain. It was not a very intense pain; I thought that maybe I needed to go to the toilet, as I have been having bowel movements quite frequently these couple of days. After checking to see that Ivan is comfortably asleep beside hubby, I went out to the hall and paced around. Finally, after making sure that I do not need the toilet, I lied down on the sofa to time the contractions. As I was lying down, I was battling with myself if I should take another shower before waking hubby up, which I decided against since I took a late shower the night before. So, I went and woke hubby up from his sweet slumber and told him that we might have to go to the hospital already. This time around, because we really needed to beat the Monday jam if we were to get to the hospital quickly, hubby was much faster getting up and ready. For those of you who missed out his nonchalance, please feel free to visit here.

Around 7:30am
Boarded the car and was on the way to Ampang.

Hubby: Err… which road should we use?
Sue: Up to you.

Hubby: (Joking this time) Should we stop by Old Klang Road for some fish ball noodles before heading there?
Sue: Don’t you dare!

Around 8:30am
Arrived at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre and hubby proceeded to park the car. By this time, I think the contractions were about 7 minutes apart or closer. I did not time how long they went on for though. Service at the admissions desk was great, I think the security guard saw me standing there with hubby and cringing away sometimes so he asked, “Are you in pain?” to which I nodded and immediately someone attended to us.

After checking in, we were sent up for CTG before checking in to confirm that there is really contraction and that I would deliver soon (or else they will send us back I reckon). After a few minutes of CTG, doctor came in and checked the graph and told me another 12 to 18 hours! My goodness… the pain has already started being really painful (not unbearable yet though) and he comes in and tell me that I will probably be delivering tomorrow?!?!!? After a while, the Nurse C came in and transferred me to the labour ward.

Around 9:30am
There, I was told to change into a hospital robe and Nurse C checked me for dilation… told that it was probably around 4 - 5 cm dilated! Woohoo! I was then given an enema to clear the bowel. (At this stage, hubby is nicely settled on the sofa, sleeping). Having gone to the toilet a couple of times, I decided to pace the room… I guess I really believe that it works wonders in making the cervix dilate faster.

Soon another nurse came in again and told me I have to be strapped in to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and contraction. This nurse, however, seems to have strapped the belt too loose and my contractions are charted there like eensy weensy contractions. I kept telling her that the belt was not on correctly and she ignored me.

Around 9:45am
Doctor came in again to check on dilation… 6 – 7 cm… and off he went again. After this, Nurse C came in more frequently, telling me to use the gas if I was really in pain. She also checked my dilation from time to time and said, “Very fast, very fast”. The pain was starting to kick in terribly and hubby was beside my bed holding my hands and looking at the CTG soaring above 100.

Around 10:00am
Nurse C came in again and check. I heard her told someone to call the doctor. After a few minutes, I asked her, “Doctor?” and she said, “Coming, coming, don’t worry, Dr Tan has very long legs, he’ll be here very soon.” True to her words, doctor came in soon after that.

At 10:16am
I think after pushing during 2 or 3 contractions, Izac was out, weighing in at 3.42kg. Doctor commented that Izac’s umbilical cord went 2 rounds around his neck (I asked him about it after that and he told me that it was not a very big deal as 50% of his patients’ babies have their umbilical cord around their necks, and it’s not tight, unless the CTG detects a drop in fetal heartbeat). After doctor clamped the cord, hubby was given the honour of cutting Izac’s umbilical cord. At this point, I seem to wake up from my delirium just in the nick of time! Can you believe it? In all the rush to get to the hospital and check in to give birth to Izac, I have totally forgotten to tell the nurse or the doctor about my StemLife package nicely placed in my bag. So told them I did and doctor said, “Aiyoh! Where is it? Quick quick, luckily haven’t cut yet.” So Nurse C went and got it and in moments, Izac’s cord blood is nicely stored and hubby can safely cut the cord. Phew! So much for a no-drama delivery.