Ivan’s vocabulary has greatly increased over the past month. He can now call almost everyone by his or her title:

  • Papa
  • Mommy
  • Ah Ma (My mum)
  • Ah Ee (My sister)
  • …Tuk (My Step-dad)
  • Yeh Yeh (FIL)
  • Mah Mah (MIL)
  • Kor Kor
  • Je Je

And last but not least, to make the 2 SILs happy, he has obliged them, about 2 weeks ago, by saying:

  • Goo Jeh (SIL#1 & SIL#2)

People he has yet to learn to call are those he seldom see, like:

  • Suk Suk (BIL)
  • Ah Ku (My brother)

More on his other vocabularies in a later post… lunch time!