Ivan has a fascination with all things on wheels.

The Bike
Whenever he sees a bike, he goes “Broom… broom!” Bikes parked anywhere will not escape his sight and he will request to be put on it. He has no preference… Harley-Davidsons, super bikes, touring bikes, scooters or even the kap chais are fine with him just as long as he gets his biking thirst quenched. His fascination with bikes goes so far that my stepfather went and bought him a bike of his own. This bike comes with rechargeable battery, which can be plugged into the wall outlet. My first thought was what a waste of money, but my mum told me it cost merely more or less RM150. Seeing how he is enjoying it so much, I guess it is money well spent.

The Car
Now, cars are no exception for this boy… I wonder if boys are born with motoring instincts. Wherever we go, he must get his turn at the steering wheel… sekejap also syok. But of course, with him, there is no such thing as sekejap. He will be seated at the driver’s seat, busy controlling the steering wheel, busy pressing on all the buttons, turning on the headlights, turning on the wiper and trying to switch the engine on or off (which luckily is still beyond him!). Luckily, these days he is better behaved. He knows when he can seat at “the” place and when he cannot.

I do hope he will not grow up to be a daredevil and go racing like so many young kids are doing these days. I know this is thinking too far ahead, but a worry is a worry.