pyjama-clad dinner-goers(Click here for layout & credits.)

Yesterday, at the last minute, SIL#1 called up and asked if I’d like to join them for dinner as it’s MIL’s 55th birthday. Initially, I declined as I thought it would be a death-wish going with 2 kids and no maid (the last temp just left yesterday, it’s a long story, will write about it later).

So after thinking over for just a minute, since they were going to make it easier for me by coming up to Klang (kids are staying with my mum), I said okay but I would only be bringing Ivan. With that being done, I went in search of some clothes for the boy to wear for this outing and what do I find? None… nada… zip… no gai-gai clothes available. Maria (the temporary maid) did not pack any gai-gai clothes for them from home. Aigh… how laa?

Being a fickle minded person, in the midst of searching for the clothes, I decided to risk it and bring Izac too. It’s my MIL’s birthday after all, and I’m sure she would like to see both her grand children instead of just Ivan. What to do but dress them in their best pyjamas (as if there’s such a thing as best pyjamas *LOL*). In the meantime, I called SIL#2 to ask her to bring their clothes since she’s coming from there.

So when I reached there, the restaurant’s situated at the new Citibank building in Klang (didn’t get the name of this place), I saw that it was quite deserted, not many occupied stores yet. So I thought, “What the heck… just go in like this lah.” And so my kids went for dinner in their pyjamas. Err… you must be thinking, Wah… lazy mommy stikes again!” *hahaha*.

Now, please tell me, have you ever let your kids go to dinners in pyjamas? Wonder what other people thought of them when they see them in pyjamas *LOL*… must be thinking what kind of mom they have…